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Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau

Botulinum toxin Type A, when injected into the muscles, results in temporary relaxation and inactivity of the muscles for a period of few months. For facial aesthetics, the injections are placed into the muscles of expression, mostly situated in the upper half of the face. The treatment could help to smooth out the horizontal lines of forehead, vertical lines of glabella (11-lines), as well as to soften the crows feet lines at the sides of eyes. A brow-lift could also be achieved with the treatment. Botox could be used to treat excessive sweating of almost any part of body, e.g., under arms, palm of hands or feet.

Botox, Dysport, or similar products (Jeuveau, Xeomin,…) are generally made out of Botulinum toxin A; however, they might slightly differ in the composition and amounts of the additional ingredients and proteins mixed with the product, which could make the Botulinum toxin A behave a bit differently for different individuals. Also the amount of active component released from the injected product varies for each product and/or individual. Further, the same obtained result might be pleasing to an individual, but being unsatisfactory to another individual, and vise versa for different products. That’s why the only way to find out which product works the best for you is for you to be treated with the products of your interest at different times by the same provider. The same technique and similar quantity should be used for your treatments, and then you could judge the result for yourself and compare the result for various products.

At MD Aesthetics, superior injection techniques and preparations are utilized for your treatment. All of our patients report that the treatments are the very best and most comfortable of any injections they have received any where. After your first visit, your visit to have the treatment done mostly takes about 15-20 minutes only. You can resume your routine daily activities right after your treatment, including going back to work. There is generally no downtime as a result of the treatment. We offer the best rates for the treatments done by a physician in an office setting in the Greater Kansas City area.